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Nostos Production is an italian creative film factory, founded in 2020 by Francesco and Giovanni, two filmmakers who shared a big passion for cinema, music and literature. They began from their routes: Southern Italy, where they shooted their first documentary together. Their routes gave them inspiration for the name of the factory: “Nostos” was the word for journey home of ancient homeric greek heros. From that point forward, they team up together in a whole creative filmmaking project.

Our People

Francesco De Giorgi

Francesco De Giorgi is an italian filmmaker. He was born in Copertino (Lecce – South Italy) and he graduated in literature at University of Pisa and then he got a master in Cinema at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Milan. With his shortfilm “Finché c’è il mare” and with his documentary “Mud Road”, he got several international awards and official selections. With his own Company Nostos, Francesco is now producing his new documentary.

Giovanni Iavarone

Giovanni Iavarone was born in Naples. Graduated in Industrial and Communication Design at ISIA in Florence, second degree at Natio- nal Cinema School – Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografa Lombardia. He has been working for years as director and editor for advertising in Milan. Director of severals short movies and documentaries, has been selected to the Marchè du Film of Cannes Film Festival 2017 whit his short flm “Fiato Corto”.

Our Services

Film direction

Our company is founded by two directors, who shared a similar route and the same passion: getting inspired by the reality. Our approach is to find not only a style, but above all a point of view that represents the key of our storytelling.

Executive Production

Our company has 3 offices: in Milan, in Naples and in Lecce.
We can offer several production services such as: filmmaking, drone shooting, studio and equipment rental, post-production, location scouting and casting.

Editing and Post-production

We have 2 professional editing workstation (Adobe built) and we have more than 8 years’ experiences in video editing, motion graphic, color correction and sound design.

Behind our scenes

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